Helping to air the show

WRCT (88.3FM) is CMU's radio station.

We're now committed to putting Democracy Now onto WRCT every weekday at 8am. We've been doing this since January 5, 2004.

There are a handful of volunteers who are putting the show on the air. But we need more help to really make this solid -- to be able to deal with people going on vacations, illness, etc. So I'm trying to get more volunteers to commit to doing the show at least twice per month.

To do this, you have to go through a brief training procedure in the studio. If you can operate, for example, a VCR, you should be able to master this in an hour or two.

If you know anybody else who might be interested or able to help, please put them in touch with me.

Danny Sleator

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Danny Sleator
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